Big Basin Redwoods State Park.hiking

Hey guys! Long time no talk, I know. Life has brought me down for the past couple months. Aaron and I were apartment searching, went back home to Ohio for a week, had to leave our place after two weeks, only to go through the apartment hunting process all over again.. this time it had to be done within a week! But thankfully alls well that ends well; we found a place with a great vegan couple, school is finally back in session and work is fairly regular. I finally feel like I have the chance to breathe again and with that being said I have some catching up to do!


A couple weeks ago my boyfriend and I made a trip to Big Basin Redwoods State Park in Boulder Creek. Being only 40-some miles away we weren’t expecting too much from the drive into the park but boy we were wrong. Entering into the redwoods left us climbing a mostly single lane road for 15-20 miles. That being said, it took us nearly an hour and a half to get down to the HQ and visitor center. Despite the treacherous drive up the shoddy one lane road on the side of the mountain, every minute of our adventure was worth it.

Big Basin is California’s oldest state park. With its 80 miles of trails, multiple waterfalls and giant redwoods, its guaranteed to be an amazing trip. We started with Redwoods Loop Trail, a 0.6 mile easy hike in which we got to see two of the largest trees in the park. The Mother and Father of the forest and massive redwoods that reach up to nearly 300 ft tall. Many of the trees are hollowed from forest fires, and in those you can see the sky from the inside of the trunk, which is pretty amazing.


We had a long day/night the night before so our intention of completing the Berry Creek Falls hike fell short. The Berry Creek Falls trail is 10.5 miles of nature including some more of the tallest trees in the park as well as four water falls. Bummer that we didn’t do it, I know. Instead we settled for the much easier Skyline to the Sea Trail, to Dool Trail to Gazos Creek Road. My legs were barely moving before we started and the Dool Trail seemed to be entirely uphill, the whole time.

Aside from my frivolous complaints, everything we saw on our hike was beautiful. There was so much diversity in plant life and as far as the wildlife goes, we saw a couple squirrels (which is plenty for some and in my case not nearly enough wild animals) but the trail being pretty central to the main camp area as well as campsites and picnic areas in the park, it was to be expected. We walked along the Opal and Redwood Creeks on our hike which added to the serenity of our surroundings, but did add some serious moisture into the air.

All in all, having been our first time in the Redwoods, Big Basin was actually amazing. I have always wanted to walk alongside the looming giants in the forests of California so now I can officially check that off the bucket list!